PvZ: Garden Warfare Class Tips and Strategy Guide

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is no different from the other shooters out in the market, but to really get the hang of things in the game, you have to get familiar with the different classes available in it.

Both Plants and the Zombies have very similar classes but there are some very important differences. First of all we would like to introduce the classes of Plants.

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Garden Warfare Class Tips


At the start of the game, this is your go-to class. They act as a scout and their shots do a splash damage which comes in handy when you are dealing with the hordes or taking down the tombstones.

Peashooters run fast and can jump really high; they can cover the long distance in a speed. They are equipped with chili pepper grenade which is an explosive attack that does enormous damage.

The ultimate skills of the peashooter transform it into a Gatling gun which does a lot of damage to oncoming enemies.

Its variant is Fire Pea which can withstand huge damage from the opponents. Another variant is Ice Pea which can freeze the zombies with just a few shots. Third one is Toxic Pea, it does a lot of damage to the opponent and anyone who comes nearby.

Fourth variant is Commando Pea which are brilliant assault troopers and can take down multiple zombies with their rapid fire. Finally, there is Agent Pea; their shots are very focused and do more damage when aimed correctly.

Chompers are extremely strong but vulnerable and they don’t have any ranged weapon. The strongest asset of this class is their giant mouth as they can eat the whole enemy, when they attack from behind.

Shielded enemies take a lot of damage when attacked from the front by the Chomper. However, there is one problem, whenever Chompers eat an enemy he takes a few moments to digest it and sometimes these moments are enough time for opponent to kill them.

Its first variant is Hot Rod Chomper, who upon swallowing the zombie, he gains a speed burst. The second variant is Toxic Chomper who can do a lot of damage because of its poison.

Third variant is Fire Chomper, who has a flam-spray that hits rapidly without any breaks and can take down multiple enemies. Fourth variant is Power Chomper, they are most suitable for the close range battles.

Fifth variant is Count Chompula, who can upon taking down an enemy, gains health.

This class is a healer of the game. Their starting skill will heal all players who have set up defenses nearby. Another skill allows them to deploy healing flowers that automatically throw out sunshine to the players nearby. Third skill allows them to shoot out a ray of high damaging sunlight.

Sunflower’s main weapon is a machine gun with high bullet count.

Its variant is Mystic Flower, which has a little ammo, but all the energy can be charged to fire an extremely powerful shot. Second variant is Power Flower, it gives you some extra speed and damage factor to the Sun Pulse.

Third variant is Fire Flower, it combines the health-draining functions of a fire weapon with the speed and versatility of the Sun Pulse. Fourth variant is Shadow flower which has a faster rate of fire than the standard Sun Pulse.

Fifth variant is Metal Petal, it can take huge damage from enemy fire.

Cactus is the sniper of the plants. Cactus can do a lot of high damaging shots with the scope. Cactus have the ability to plant mines which will blow anyone with a single blow.

The major skill of Cactus has to be the Garlic Drone.

It is remote controlled flying garlic which can do a lot of damage with the machine gun and can call down Corn Strikes. However, the Cactus have very low health and can die very quickly.

Its variants are Camo Cactus, who are actual 100% Snipers. Second variant is Fire Cactus, who can fire damage from far away. Third one is Ice Cactus and it can freeze the zombie enemies from a long range.

Fourth one is Power Cactus, who fires electric burst which goes really fast from a long range. Fifth one is Future Cactus, who can be used for the medium range fights.


Let’s take a look at the opponents of Plants, the Zombies.

Foot Soldier
Foot Soldiers most useful skill is their poison cloud which blinds certain areas and it damages the opponents upon contact. Then they have a ZPG (Zombie Propelled Grenade) which is a heavy hitting skill.

Foot soldiers will be a good choice at the start of the game.

Its variant is Camo Ranger, who does extra damage for the Critical Hits it gets from the primary weapon. Second variant is Super Commando, who can be valuable with its crossbow for the long and middle range combat.

The third variant I General Supremo, who has unlimited ammo for the Golden Gatling.

Fourth one is Tank Commander, who uses mega cannons which do a lot of damage to the opponents. Fifth variant is Arctic Trooper, who make the plants freeze with their shot and can take them out with the ZPG.

As the name suggests, the engineers are the fixers of the groups. They can build up turrets and can ride a devastating jackhammer in to the battle.

The engineers also have stun grenades which can be put to a good use; they stop the movement of the target for a short time. Their weapon of choice is Shotgun: it is slow but extremely effective.

Its first variant is Welder, who does a lot of damage on impact and sets the plant on fire for extra damage. The second variant is Electrician, who are most useful for close combat.

The third one is Mechanic, who fires nuts and bolts at a very fast speed and can take down multiple enemies. Fourth one is Painter, who have slow weapons but are very effective in close combat.

Fifth variant is Plumber, who has the same weapon as Engineer but water is also added to do some extra damage in the large blast radius.

The scientist has the best escape skills. It can easily warp past enemies which really confuse the players and gives the scientist enough time to finish the job from behind.

He has sticky grenades and if you combine both the warp and the grenades, it can prove to be a shattering combination. He can deploy healing stations which will heal any of the zombies that walk past it.

Its variant is Marine Biologist, who has a Dolphin Blaster that gains a bit more range compared to the standard Scientist Goo Blaster. Second variant is Dr. Toxic, who is valuable asset in close combat.

Third one is Physicist, who can cause electrical damage to anyone that stands in its way. Fourth one is Astronaut, who is more valuable in a long range battle. Fifth one is Chemist, who has a very short range weapon but is useful in close range combat.

All-Star is wielding a large weapon and has a lot of health. His ability to drop the tackle dummy is quite scary as it deals a lot of damage to the opponent.

The downside to that is his inability to move fast, making All-Star the slowest class among all. He has the ability to do the tackle by lunging forward and it packs a huge punch.

Its variant is Cricket Star, who deals fire damage to the plants. Second one is Goalie Star, who deals ice damage to the plants and freeze them.

Third one is Baseball Star, who fires the faster and accurate All-Star Weapon. Fourth one is Hockey Star, who has great rate of fire with the weapon.

Fifth one is Rugby Star, who has the most powerful weapon among its class.

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