PvE Zombie Mode Might Be Coming to Rainbow Six Siege According To Leaks

Rainbow Six Siege still manages to be the most loved and active FPS title that Ubisoft owns with its Steam version being on the Top 10 played games almost every month. With constant updates and a new season named Operation Blood Orchid, Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong. According to a leak on 4chan, Ubisoft might be working on a PvE mode with zombies/aliens similar to Left 4 Dead with new operators and maps.

This leak came from the same source that leaked the title of Operation White Noise and has a whole list of new operators, their factions, and abilities as well as 3 new maps and the types of the zombies we will see.

The first leaked operator is a Polish attacker with the ability to stun and carry a grenade launcher going by the name Zofia. Zofia’s existence can also be linked with data mined voice lines of Ela, mentioning a character named Zo.

The second operator, whose name we still don’t know is a Korean defender who can make all gadget make a loud noise to locate them. This ability could be linked to the new operation’s name, White noise. There’s also a third operator leaked, an attacker from Korea who has the ability to toggle invisibility to drones. The leak also mentions 2 new Mexican operators “wearing hazmat suits that perfectly fit the theme of zombies”.

As if these weren’t enough, the leak also gives us the classes of the zombies that will be chasing you in this possible PvE mode in Rainbow Six Siege. These are:

  • Left 4 Dead 2 armored Charger
  • Porcupines that roots and teleport around
  • Left 4 Dead 2 boomers that don’t blind
  • Spiked zombies
  • Normal zombies

Last but not least we have 3 maps dedicated to this mode:

  • Hospital, which is a hostage mode map.
  • Motel, a Bomb Plant map
  • Junkyard, Trailerpark, Bomb Plant map as well

Ubisoft still has no official response to this leak but none of this information seems too extreme, so it might actually be true. What do you think? Should a PvE Zombie mode get released on Rainbow Six Siege?

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