Pulsefire Caitlyn Goes on Sale With Flashy League of Legends Animated Trailer

Pulsefire Caitlyn, a new legendary skin for the Sheriff of Piltover, is now available for purchase from the in-game store of League of Legends.

Armed with a gigantic futuristic pulse rifle, she creates wormholes to pursue outlaws through the complex realm of time. An animated trailer shows her traversing through the Jurassic period, the wild west, ancient Greece, and the future.

“Some people are always meddling where they don’t belong,” said Pulsefire Caitlyn in her teaser trailer, and which was probably referring to the timeline. Marksmen will surely be interested in adding her new wardrobe option, which will come at the cost of 1820 RP. There is also a Pulsefire Caitlyn set that bundles the skin and champion. Until the weekend, the set will cost players a discounted price of 2462 RP.

Earlier this month, Riot Games confirmed that it would be improving the Pulsefire Ezreal skin with an upcoming patch. It was the first ultimate skin released for League of Legends nearly six years ago. Since then, the level of skin-quality has evolved in the game. However, Pulsefire Ezreal has remained the same. The developer now plans to give him an upgraded character model, with improved textures, visual effects, and brand new voice overs. There is even a unique dance and recall animation thrown in for the players.

League of Legends just received two new champions last month in the form of Rakan and Xaya. They are a duo, offering unique benefits when played together in the lane. This is the first time that Riot Games has released two champions at once that are connected like so.

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