PUBG Xbox One Sales Have Already Passed 3 Million Units

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has unsurprisingly proven to be a massive hit on Xbox One, selling more than 3 million copies on the console in just a month.

The game released through the Xbox Game Preview program on December 12 in a rather half-baked form. There were various gameplay and technical issues hampering experience and performance. PUBG on PC, at the time, was also facing a similar dilemma in early access but not to such an extent.

A few patches since then have helped to alleviate some major problems such as random crashes and frame-rate dips. The popularity of the battle royale game is a clear indicator of why sales of Xbox One did not suffer, even if there were problems at launch.

“The team at PUBG Corp. is determined to continue to improve the in-game experience for PUBG’s growing and active community and have already released four updates since the game’s launch in Xbox Game Preview on Dec. 12,” Aaron Greenberg, general manager of games marketing, announced earlier today.

Microsoft has promised to continue rolling out regular updates for improvements such as the addition of first-person support for solo, duo, and squads gameplay this week. There are also additional game optimizations in the works, as well as the new new Miramar map.

It was confirmed earlier this month that PUBG features more than 30 million players across both platform, a healthy boost following the release on Xbox One. The developer plans to bring the game on PlayStation 4 as well in the future, but that will take time to materialize. Microsoft still has an unspecified exclusivity period for Xbox One. In addition, Sony is not too keen about early access games gracing its platform.

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