Latest PUBG Xbox One Patch Brings Stability And Performance Improvements

While PUBG has launched on PC but it isn’t an optimized game by any means and the same goes for its Xbox preview. However, PUBG Corp is committed to making things better and that is the exact purpose of the latest PUBG Xbox One patch which brings stability, performance improvements and more.

According to the patch notes, PUBG Corp has reduced the memory requirements for both maps with PUBG Xbox One patch along with optimizing the UI so that it requires fewer resources.


  • We’ve optimized the total memory required by both maps, with a significant reduction in total memory required for Miramar.
  • The UI has been optimized to use less resources.

Apart from bringing stability to the game, the PUBG Xbox One patch also brings optimizations like character movement which now requires fewer resources along with vehicle effects becoming less demanding than before.

The PUBG Xbox One Patch also brings a couple of bug fixes to improve the overall game experience.


  • Character movement has been optimized to use less resources and improve performance.
    1. In our patch preview, we said that we’re aiming to reduce the total resources required to render characters by 50%. This is still our goal, but requires further testing to ensure stability. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.
  • Vehicle location updates have been made more efficient for stationary vehicles to improve performance.
    1. The position of every vehicle in a 1km of your player is updated very frequently, to ensure vehicle movement is as smooth as possible. Prior to this patch, frequent vehicle location updates were also being requested for every stationary vehicle in a 1km radius of your player, negatively impacting performance. We’ve changed the way locations are updated for stationary vehicles, which will improve performance.
  • Vehicle effects have been optimized to improve performance, without affecting visual quality.
    1. When vehicles were moving, many resources were being used to generate visual effects. We’ve optimized the effects without diminishing their visual quality, to improve overall game performance.
  • Bullet impact effects will no-longer consume resources if they aren’t seen by the player.
    1. When bullets impact any surface, an effect is displayed. Previously, all bullet impact effects within a 1km radius of the player were consuming resources, even if the effect wasn’t directly seen by the player.  Due to the sheer number of bullet impacts that can occur in a 1km radius of the player, having all of these effects consume resources was negatively impacting performance. Now, bullet impacts not directly seen by the player will not consume resources, improving performance, especially in close quarters combat.
  • Character shadow rendering has been optimized to improve performance.
    1. While we’ve tried to have each character shadow be an entirely accurate representation of the player, both in shape and movement, this was having a negative impact on performance. We have changed the shape and movement of character shadows to significantly reduce their impact on performance.
  • Terrain and grass have been optimized on both maps (Miramar/Erangel) to increase performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes footsteps weren’t heard during or after ADS.
  • Fixed a bug where the position of teammates sometimes wouldn’t display correctly on the minimap.

PUBG is a Battle Royale title developed by PUBG Corp for PC and is currently in preview for the Xbox One.


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