PUBG Weapon And Attachment Rebalances Coming, Level 3 Helmet To Become Care Package Exclusive

Despite coming out of the early access last year, PUBG has a lot of issues that still need to be fixed and developer PUBG Corp has announced its plans for PUBG Weapon rebalances along with attachments rebalances and making the level 3 helmet a care package exclusive.

The developers explained the PUBG weapon rebalances along with their own intent in a recent blog. The balances cover most of the weapons in the game especially the assault rifles.

While the studio didn’t provide any specific numbers but, did mention that assault rifles are the most used weapons in the game which is probably due to the fact that assault rifles have quite some damage.

The development team considers that no weapon should be the strongest one in a particular situation as it doesn’t leave room for personal preference as players will choose the weapon that has the higher damage.

The intent behind the attachment re-balances is the same as the team doesn’t think that one attachment should be objectively better compared to another.

While the team didn’t reveal what changes will be made with PUBG weapon rebalances and if we have to speculate then the team might be looking to nerf assault rifles in order to make things balanced.

As for the level 3 helmet, the team intends to make it care package exclusive as they deem it too powerful to be found as random loot. The reason why they might be doing this is that the helmet provides great protection from headshots.

However, making the level 3 helmet a care package exclusive the team might be indirectly buffing the Kar98 sniper rifle as this sniper rifle can one shot a player if done right. We hope that the team also balances the KAR98 along with making the level 3 helmet care package exclusive.

Speaking of the game, Brendan Greene has revealed that the red zone might be removed from the game only if players want it to.

While the red zone is generally thought a useless but according to Greene, the red zone brings a new strategic dimension but, added that he is open to remove it if the players want it.

Furthermore, soon you will be able to skip the desert map in PUBG as the team will soon introduce the map selection

PUBG Corp admitted that map selection is a feature that players have been asking for some time and the studio needed to sort out some problems before including it in the game.

What do you think of PUBG weapon balances? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Steam

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