PUBG Surpasses 30 Million Players, Registers New Record of 3 Million Concurrent Players

There are more than 30 million players confirmed globally for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) across Xbox One and PC.

It should be noted that this figure (via WCCFTech) does not translate into number of copies sold, which should be a bit higher, since recent ban-waves likely resulted in the purchase of additional copies.

PUBG was confirmed to have sold more than 22 million copies in late November. This was before the game released for Xbox One in December through the Game Preview program. The additional platform, the festive shopping season, and the departure from early access on Steam could well put global sales across both Xbox One and PC close to the 35 million threshold.

“We owe the success we’ve experienced this year to the community, whose passion has inspired all of us here at PUBG Corp. to make the very best game we can,” CEO CH Kim said in a statement. “We’ll continue to fine tune the Battle Royale experience and will introduce additional in-game content, including new crates, to become available in early 2018.”

PUBG Corp. has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 version is still on the table. However, that will take some time to mature since Microsoft still has an unspecified exclusivity period for Xbox One. In addition, Sony is not too keen about early access games gracing its platform.

In other news, PUBG ended 2017 by breaking its own record for the most players online on Steam at once. Over the weekend, the game saw over 3 million concurrent players on Steam. This is a mighty figure that, for now, only PUBG could break in the coming months.

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