PUBG Savage Map To Receive An Underground Cave System, Parachute Straight Into The Cave

With another round of testing for the PUBG Savage Map coming to an end the hype for the map has only increased. There has been nothing but positive vibes from the community. Now we have an even better news, soon this Savage Map will receive a complex underground cave system.

Not only will the players be able to parachute straight into the heart of the cave, there will be new weapons and vehicles based on the settings of the map.

Bluehole revealed in a post on Steam, a few details as well as some concept artwork of the cave. Furthermore, they added that there still are few months of work left on the map before we get to play it in its complete form.

Although there are months left one thing is for sure, that this map will certainly be something that the players will enjoy for a long time.

According to Bluehole, these new areas in te PUBG Savage Map will set it apart from the first two maps.

The tropically themed map which is perhaps the smallest map in the game, compared to its previous maps, will only be making things more interesting.

PUBG team recently made a research trip to Southeast Asia, and they have shared the inspiration for the cave in the map. They took the inspiration of cave form Thailand’s famous Phraya Nakhon Cave.

Bluehole asked its fans, how would they feel parachuting straight into an enormous natural hole in the ground? Of course, you all know the answer to that.

With the smart blue zone, new weapons and vehicles, the tropical setting, the complex underground cave system and above all the opportunity to parachute directly into the heart of the cave are a few things that fans are very much excited for.

Let us hope that, in a few months time they will be able to finish work on this map, and it turns out the way we are expecting it to be.

That being said, what are your thoughts on the underground cave system? Also, would you prefer to parachute into the cave? Let us know in the comments below.