PUBG Sanhok Map Guide – Where To Drop, High Loot Areas, Tips And Tricks

The nature of PUBG is such that the maps need to be fairly large in order to accommodate the 100 players that fall onto it. For that reason, we have only had 2 different maps for us to play on ever since the release of the game. That changes now, as there is an introduction of the Sanhok map along with the new Event that has been released for the game. Unless you are planning to spend a few hours just learning the basics of the map, we recommend our PUBG Sanhok Map Guide.

Our PUBG Sanhok Map Guide is your one and the only companion to help prepare for the Sanhok Event and to quickly be on your way to getting all of the rewards that come with the event. We will tell you about the best spots where you can acquire the maximum loot, the unique weapon that exists only in the Sanhok map, and many other tips and tricks to help prepare you for the battle that lies ahead.

PUBG Sanhok Map

After the Miramar that was released for the game, Sanhok is much more akin to Erangel with its greenery sprawling all across the island and the buildings themselves sort of paying a homage in the way they are arranged. However, there do seem to be more roads along the way and the towns are all close to the coastline with the entire map being split apart into 3 islands.

Let us go ahead and take a look at which of the towns have a better chance of providing you loot which is good enough to carry you all the way to the end. We will then give you information on the weapons and the tips and tricks that you can use to get an edge over your opponents.

Best Loot Areas

Here are some areas where you can drop in for the maximum advantage.


Bootcamp is the first and foremost place that you can see on the map since it is almost in the dead center. What is most surprising is the fact that it is a Military Base. In both of the previous maps, the military bases were towards the corner of the maps and required a lot of driving to get into the usual zones. However, now you can fight right inside Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is not only a beautiful place for looting but also a beautiful place for fighting. The way that the base is set up is quite reminiscent of some of the places in ARMA 3 and you can fight enemies all day long here while waiting for the circle to shrink on you since you are quite close to the middle of the map.

Pai Nan

Pai Nan is not really that exceptional when it comes to loot. It has a good amount of loot which can be found in many other places around the map and it can equip you with enough gear to last right until the end of the fight, but what really makes it so important is the fact that it is at a location which gives you so much leeway as the circle shrinks smaller and smaller.

It is found right on the river too so you will be able to find vehicles to traverse the outer edges of the map quite easily here as well as finding transport to travel on land to wherever it is you want to go.

Like all of the towns that are found on the map, there are roads that join the town to the main road of the game and you will have access to pretty much every resource that can be found on the map at Pai Nan. It is also fairly large in size with having 2 embankments on the coastline so chances are that you will have ample edifices to loot even though a ton of players will be dropping into this location at the start for sure.

Tips and Tricks

Let us take a look at the new weapon and some general tips and tricks for the game.


Let us start off by talking about the new weapon that you available to you in the game. The QBZ95 is a weapon that can only be found on Sanhok and it uses the 5.56 mm ammunition. It holds 30 bullets in its magazine with a total of 10 extra for the extended mag variant.

It is available in place of the SCAR-L. This means that you will not be able to use the SCAR when playing on Sanhok. The rifle itself seems to be a bit overpowered which is sort of expected from the initial phase of a newly introduced weapon and it is definitely worth a try if you come across it in loot on the floor or in the crates.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to use the Assault Rifles and Snipers as much as possible since the map is perfect for medium to long-range conflicts.
  • Also, make sure that you are ready for combat as soon as possible, as the map is much smaller and you will run into enemies much sooner than you would on other maps.
  • There is a dynamic weather system so beware of the changing weather and how it will impact your eyesight (and framerate).
  • Since the map is smaller, be extra careful of all of the supply drops that come your way because even though you cannot see them, there are enemies near you and they are in much higher numbers than they would be if it were Erangel or Miramar.

Lastly, remember to be extra cautious whenever you decide to heal on this map because once again, the nature of Sanhok is such that enemies can be around you in all directions without you ever knowing. It is best to retreat to a corner of a building to heal yourself and readying up your weapons before you dive back into the hectic life of a combatant.

That is all we have for our PUBG Sanhok Map Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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