PUBG Will Remove Red Zone If Players Keep Saying It

Brendan Greene in a recent interview said if there is ”outpouring of hate” towards the Red Zone, The team might remove it from PUBG in the near future.

For a long time now, the red zone on PUBG is under fire from players. Mostly players questions about its randomness and relative utility. Indeed, many players are content to literally ignore them. However, Brendan Greene does not see things this way.

According to Brendan, the red zone brings a new strategic dimension. Indeed, it allows you to hide sounds and allows you to not be noticed by enemies. Moreover, according to him, “if you die from the red zone, I am sorry, but you are not a very good player”.

BlueHole is currently looking to revive PUBG, its title that has to defend against fierce competition with the success of Fortnite from Epic Games.

In this zone, the survival is a little more complicated, since the bombardments forces the players to hide or leave the area. Many players consider however that this red zone is too much and that it makes the game even harder with the automatic reduction of the combat zone.

Brendan Greene, the creator of the game, indicates that this red zone is an advantage for some players, since the bombing camouflage the shots. But if the players do not like this area, it could simply disappear in a next update.

In short, if the players gather massively to tell how much they hate this feature, PUBG could simply get rid of it in the future.

Now that Brendan Greene has opened the door, things could change. This is what we will see in the months to come if people keep resisting.

PUBG recently launch worldwide on mobile devices and it was better than our expectations.

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