PUBG PS4 Release Given Date And Pre-Order Bundles, Coming December 7

The PUBG PS4 release is almost here, coming December 7 after a long period of being exclusive to the Xbox One and PC, with pre-order bonuses to boot.

Bluehole has announced the date for their PUBG PS4 release port, along with a number of pre-order bundles for the game if you’re on Playstation 4 and interested in playing it. The game will be coming out on December 7, leaving only a few weeks between now and the game coming out.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been fairly late to the Playstation 4, mainly sticking to the PC and Xbox One for the past few years. In contrast, Fortnite has beat it to the PS4, meaning that unlike on the Xbox One, PUBG will have a fight ahead of it to make any sort of meaningful audience on the console.

PUBG has been having a bit of a hassle with containing the explosive popularity of Fortnite’s own battle royale mode, which won a lot of people over from Battlegrounds with its less hardcore gameplay, interesting building mechanic carried over from its original idea, and a constant stream of updates and patches.

PUBG in the meantime has been tainted not only by slow updates and bugs, but also huge amounts of hacking and cheating. While the game still remains reasonably popular, it has lost most of its audience to Fortnite. How well the PUBG PS4 release does mainly relies on whether or not Bluehole has done anything to vary the game up.

However, the PUBG PS4 release also has a number of pre-order bundles coming for a variety of prices. You can get the basic edition for $29.99, the Survivor’s Edition for $59.99 (which includes an event pass and a large amount of in-game currency) and a Champion’s Edition for $89.99 (with even more in-game currency.)

Playstation owners, however, also get a few skins and clothing items based on Sony properties like Uncharted and The Last Of Us.

Once again, the PUBG PS4 release is on December 7, so there’s not much longer to wait.

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