PUBG Patch 20 Brings The Beryl M762 Rifle With More Improved Content

Developers of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds have just dropped the PUBG patch 20. The all-new PUBG patch 20 is loaded with improved content for the battle royale game. Moreover, the fans had been demanding a substitute for the AKM to which the developers have responded with an epic rifle. PUBG patch 20 also brings with it a scooter adding to the vehicles in the Battle Royale game. Furthermore, third-person aiming has seen the much-called-for improvements.

The 7.62mm rifle named Beryl has a magazine of 30 bullets with the option to make it 40 through extended mag attachment. Further benefits of Beryl to AKM includes the option to add grips and scope on the upper and lower rails. The damage of PUBG patch 20 rifle is lower than AKM but the fire rate is comparatively high.

Sanhok, the Vespa has also been introduced in the PUBG patch 20 updates. It is a two-seater scooter in place of the motorbikes. This scooter can turn widely than traditional bikes however they are slower in speed. The Tuk Tuk was still missing in the PUBG patch 20. Looks like the teased vehicle is still being developed and expected to come out in September. Probably, the three-wheel design of the Tukshai is prolonging the development.

Next up in the list of changes made in PUBG patch 20 is enhancing the third-person aim. The PUBG patch 20 update allows players to select the option to control the behavior of third-person aiming. Typically, the third-person camera changes its position while leaning in any direction. The default camera setting is in the direction of right shoulder although it can be set for the left shoulder. The fascinating option added in this feature is that the camera will spontaneously turn towards the last direction you leaned in.

For further life improvements and other exciting features check out the full updates in detail. You might as well compare it with the features of update 18. Two new snipers and a shotgun had been added in prior updates.

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