PUBG Mobile Cheat Patched By Devs, One-Hit-Kills No Longer Possible

A previously usable cheat that had been afflicting PUBG Mobile recently has since been patched by the game’s developers. The PUBG Mobile cheat in question would allow for one-hit-kills against other players, allowing for quick kills if your aim was good enough. This has also resulted in 10,000 players being banned.

All of this was revealed in an official press release by the PUBG Mobile team, who explained the situation and said that they would not tolerate anyone harming the game environment. Banning everyone that uses the cheat definitely sends a message, too.

While it’s not a permanent ban from the game, it might as well be, considering that the ban keeps players from the Operation mode for ten years, long past when the game would likely be relevant. PUBG Mobile released back in 2018 so it’s not that long ago, but 10 years is still a very long time.

A PUBG Mobile cheat having such a wide reach is much like what’s afflicting the mobile game’s parent title, which experienced a huge drop in player count due to an over-abundance of hackers that players have accused its developers of refusing to address.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has yet to recover from the player drop, especially since it is no longer the only battle royale game out there with the arrival of Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite to give it more competition.

PUBG Mobile is, thankfully, a different beast, and at last count still has several hundred million players. While the PUBG Mobile cheat might have resulted in 10,000 of those players being banned, but that’s only a drop in the bucket and will likely prevent other players from leaving out of frustration.

All the same, this likely won’t stop more people attempting to make cheats that they can use to get undeserved chicken dinners in PUBG Mobile, so hopefully the team can keep an observant eye out for any similar cheats in the future.