PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide – Hunting, Landing, Combat (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

The smash hit battle royale game is finally on mobile devices. The guide below will cover everything you need to know about how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile works in our PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide.

PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

Maybe your PC can’t just run PUBG or maybe you grew tired of losing too much and wanted a more lenient experience. Either way, you’ll end up getting into PUBG Mobile which is a much more accessible version of the game. To make the experience all the more satisfying, we’ve compiled this PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide which you can check out below for getting your hands on that Chicken Dinner.


We can’t emphasize this part of the game enough. When you’re high in the sky you’ve got the choice to land away from populated areas like School, Pochinki, Military Base or land right into them. Each strategy has its own bonuses and shortcomings. Landing on the outskirts, you can safely and eventually make your way to the center of the map, usually seeing little action. So for the more survival-oriented experience, go for this one.

Landing near regions filled with settlements will grant you more loot. However, it will also drop you straight in the heat of the battle. So if you’re feeling all confident of taking down your foes, by all means. All in all, ultimately the victory is what matters, no matter how you achieve it.


A good portion of the whole surviving session should be spent around collecting stuff which is essential in order for you to continue forward. This includes scavenging and scrounging each and everything you can find. You need all the ammo, attachments, and healing items you can find inside buildings, on floors, or anywhere else.

Furthermore, you’ve got to have a bigger bag pack for carrying almost everything in the game.

Then you’ll be able to grab items like health kits which can mean the difference when the circle gets shorter at the end. Bandages should always be used in a place of cover which you need to make sure is safe. Other items like the grenades are useful against foes camping in a building. Toss one through the window and see the results for yourself!


One way or another, you’ll come across an opponent. Of course, you can flee but this is risky and not the most effective. With a wide range of firearms, you can bring the heat right to them. For close ranged combat, shotguns and firearms with more damage output and higher fire-rate are recommended. Noting enemies from a distance, you can snipe them down.

The scope feature or the cross hair should be used for maximum accuracy. Take care though; rapidly tapping the fire button will result in recoil disturbing your aim.

Always Keep Moving

Since there’s a constant sense of dread because of the raging storm, you can never stop moving. This is an integral part of the game and the core concept that is the basis of a Battle Royale game.

Always try to stay inside the circle i.e. moving closer to the center of the map. If you’re lagging behind, grab a vehicle and drive. Trucks and cars hold up to 4 people while bikes and buggies hold a maximum of 2. Walking on foot, on the other hand, draws less attention; so better to stick with this. Moreover, be aware of any players that will be facing the same situation.

Anticipate which direction they might approach from since they’ll also be looking to avoid the storm.

This is all we have in our PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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