PUBG Has Many of the Same Problems as it Did in Early Access, Bluehole’s Lethargic Devs Need to Get a Grip

PUBG is suffering from the same problems as it was a year ago. It has been months since it came out of early access but devs are still unable to fix many notable issues.

PUBG released in early access last year and as an early access game, it had many issues. The community forgave most of its problems as we understood that the title is still under development. However, months after its version 1.0 is out we are still seeing many of the same problems in PUBG.

So many updates have been released to fix the game but it is always one step forward and two steps back.  The following is a list of issues that have been affecting PUBG for a long time and even though developers have tried to fix them, the efforts have been in vain.

List of PUBG Issues

  • Died From Falling – Players trying to climb up or drop down from an object – stone, cliff, balcony, crates etc – end up dying.
  • Holstering Weapon – During an engagement, the character would holster its weapon as you attempt to shoot.
  • Gun Won’t Reload – Often times guns won’t reload even after completing the animation
  • Hit Registration – Often times shooting first won’t matter due to poor hit registration
  • Gun Won’t Shoot – Often times pulling the trigger won’t immediately pump out bullets
  • Random Crashes – The game crash randomly
  • Frame Rates – Due to poor optimization lower end hardware isn’t able to handle the game very well
  • Ghost Sound Bug – Often times running on the map create an echo that makes it seems as if someone is running right behind you
  • Bike Rider Cam Shake – Riding a bike makes the camera shake uncontrollably for the passenger sitting in the side cart so he can not shoot.
  • Alt-tab Freezes Matchmaking – Often times starting matchmaking and pressing alt-tab buttons to open a different tab will freeze you on the matchmaking screen when you come back to PUBG tab

All of these issues are something devs need to look at but unfortunately, nothing seems they put out is able to control the issues faced by the community. On top of that, they are focused on adding new loot boxes and creating more maps rather than ironing out the game first.

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