PUBG Maintenance Has Concluded, Has Brought In All The Changes We Have Been Waiting For

The PUBG Maintenance was to take place today and that it has, in fact now it has concluded. It has brought in all those changes and new stuff which you guys have been waiting for.

We have not checked out for ourselves on those new changes which were expected since the servers recently came online.

Those who have been following the updates, they certainly know what changes they were specifically looking for.

As per the available patch notes, there is a new map selection option available as well as a new muscle car, a big weapon rebalancing, new rifle, multiple extra scopes, grips and a lot more stuff.

We all are aware of the fact that this Update 12 has been in testing for a week. So hopefully there will not be seeing any issues.

Having said that, Update 12 has made sweeping changes to weapon balance and above all, with the conclusion of this PUBG Maintenance a lot of bug fixes and a handful of improvements to Miramar have been made.

Since our topic of discussion is PUBG, here is another interesting information. Recently PUBG Corp. arrested 15 people in connection with the creation of PUBG hacks.

After a lot of thorough investigation, it was confirmed that PUBG hacks gather your personal information, from your PC.

Which means that not only are you using an illegal hack but also putting yourself and others at risk. Furthermore, you also increase the risk of falling victim to identity theft.

PUBG is a multiplayer Battle Royale title developed by PUBG Corp for PC and the game is currently in preview on Xbox One and Xbox One X.