PUBG Has Fallen Short, Admits PUBG Dev

PUBG’s optimization and performance issues are no secret to anyone. These issues are known to occur since the arrival of the title on Steam, where users have never held back to point out their dissatisfaction about the game.

PUBG is the first game on Steam to cross 2 Million concurrent players online and one would think that 2 million user base would push devs to do better with PUBG. However, that hasn’t been the case.

In a Steam post yesterday, the developer, admitted that the game has fallen short and clearly did not live up to the expectations. It failed when it comes to addressing many complaints. But there is something to stay positive about since developers plan to strongly push performance improvements.

PUBG has set some priorities for the upcoming months to solve the issues present in the game.

“Recently we haven’t done the best job of communicating about the changes we’re making to the game,” the team wrote in the letter, posted to Steam on Saturday. “Today we want to change that by talking in-depth about the things we’re prioritizing.”

There are three main priorities set by developers – performance, optimization of the server-side part, and better management of cheaters.

To improve performance, it will first of all be a question of changing the way lighting effects are generated, as well as the movements of vehicles on different ground surfaces. These are the two known problems causing the GPUs to overload.

Various experiments will then be conducted on the animations of the characters, their models, movements, the ultimate goal being to improve and stabilize the framerate across the game.

They will also focus on server side optimization which includes reducing network latency, eliminate some inefficient network code, and stop the server from the server receiving rapidly updates on certain frames which will also resolve some abnormal physics affecting vehicles.

As developers say there a lot of changes which you can take a detailed look at the blog post here. After they successfully implement these changes the team will continuously work forward to make more changes to improve the game.

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