PUBG Golden Joystick Awards Are “PC Game Of The Year” And “Best Multiplayer Game”

Two different PUBG Golden Joystick awards have apparently been given to the game last night. The game (still in early access despite its popularity) has won the PC Game of the Year award, and the Best Multiplayer Game award at the 2017 version of the Golden Joystick awards this past night.

PUBG has taken the gaming word by storm ever since it was first released back in March, having over 20 million units sold and an Xbox One version coming later in December. However, the game is also a subject of controversy this year as the gaming award shows start to pop up, as it’s being nominated for multiple awards despite not being a fully released game.

While PUBG’s “full release” will be coming with the Xbox One version on December 12, the game still has a lot of things to be added in, such as two new maps (a desert city and a Balkan island), and the ability to vault over fences and walls. The PUBG Golden Joystick awards might also fly in the face of many who think that other, more complete PC games should have won.

For instance, Creative Assembly’s critically acclaimed strategy game Total War: Warhammer 2 was released in May of this year, and recently got an update that melds the campaign maps of the first and second games together. Other well-received PC games for this year include Dawn of War 3, A Hat In Time, Total War (as stated above), Dead Cells (albeit that’s another Early Access game), Endless Space 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and more.

Considering how accessible PUBG is compared to all of those other games, however, with the only real rule being “be the last one standing”, it’s likely that accessibility is also a factor. Though Brendan Greene has said that he doesn’t want PUBG to be “Game of the Year”, it seems like even the creator can’t stop the juggernaut.

Whether the PUBG Golden Joystick awards are the only ones the game walks away with remain to be seen, but there are likely a bunch of other shows that it could win awards at.