PUBG Event Mode On Test Servers, Features Eight Player Squads

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds devs have finally landed the Event mode in the game. It turns out that they are finally taking something from Fortnite Battle Royal’s book. The PUBG Event Mode is now on test servers, so the PC users can head on there to check it out.

This PUBG Event Mode features eight players per squad, with the drop rates on rifles being doubled. It is third person perspective only on Erangel and partying up with seven other friends isn’t possible so matchmaking with strangers is the only available option.

At the moment most of the players may find this mode to be fairly tame, the developers, PUBG Corp have acknowledged it and added that there will be more interesting concepts in the future.

We came to know about this PUBG Event Mode through Steam, and based on the announcement made, this event mode is a periodically changing preset custom game where the developers will continuously try new things and experiments with different game parameters.

Furthermore, they have said that the players may see new content, that’s not in the main game, like the Flare Gun which they said is coming in the next mode.

Despite being unranked, event mode will confer BP for your cosmetic needs. Stay tuned for when it hits live servers.

The developers have said that this event mode has been recently put together so there are series of tests to check its working.

The PUBG Event Mode will be available for everyone who has the copy of the game, and they will be able to access it from the main menu.

That said it’s currently live, on test servers with plans to move it to live soon.

Recently PUBG updates have been aiming to cater the cheat issues that the players have been experiencing. The developers had been banning players randomly before they did not roll out the anti-cheat software.

For the month of January, the game’s ban numbers reached over 1,044,000 players which were a significant rise in the numbers.

Although with the recent update they seem to have a better control on the matter, still there are a lot of issues they need to tackle. Let us hope that they do.