PUBG Corp. Is Getting A New Amsterdam Office In Order To Speed Up Improvements For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

2018 will be a huge year for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Corp. is ready for it. The team behind the most successful multiplayer game this year is about to have its first huge expansion for this year with a new office in Amsterdam.

PUBG Corp., which is under the wings of Korean publisher Bluehole, is aware of the huge success PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become and is ready to improve the experience even more. While talking to, CEO Chang Han Kim said that the company is under expansion and since they are not up to the speed they want yet, their new office will help the game’s development and improvement to be speeded up even more.

The company aims to recruit a minimum of 50 people to begin with, half of which will be dedicated to game development, while the other half will handle business development and marketing, as states. The Amsterdam team will be the fourth office for PUBG Corp., adding to the 200 people already working on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds around the world. Han Kim’s statement was:

“Unexpectedly, we have seen global success and feel we have the responsibility to improve the game and sustain this at a global scale, so we are looking to expand our offices and we hope to do that in a few areas this year”

“We wanted to start with regions and countries that have larger userbases. So last year, we started by opening and expanding the offices in those areas… we’re aggressively hiring there. We have established offices in Santa Monica, Shanghai, Tokyo and we are recruiting in those offices. This February, we’ll open the new office in Amsterdam and expand the team over there.”

Last but not least, recruitment was not easy, according to Kim. While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is in need of many experienced programmers and designers, getting them to their headquarters in Korea was no easy task. Creating new job openings in Europe is essential for the game’s fast improvement as well as its maintenance on a larger scale. Furthermore, having an office stated in Europe will open doors to big esports tournaments in key markets.

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