Microsoft Celebrates 4 Million PUBG Players On Xbox One By Giving Away 30,000 PUBG Battle Points

Its official, 30,000 PUBG Battle Points are being rewarded to Xbox One players because the game has reached 4 Million Players on Xbox one.

The Online Multiplayer Game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has been nailing down milestones for quite some time now.

With this Player streak, the Microsoft is Rewarding 30,000 Battle Points to the Players who have purchased the game on XBox One and created the character Before January 31, 12 am PST will be receiving these points.

So for those who think the Cosmetic Crates have had their prices set up high well now with offered PUBG Battle Points you can utilize them to purchase those crates in-game and for those who want to get into the game, now is a perfect time.

With only a few days left you can join in and create your player, just remember to do this before 31 January

The Battle Points will appear automatically in Players BP accounts below their Gamertag right after February 1, 2018, at 12 AM PT.


This week the sixth content update for the game PUBG also came out that got rid of multiple bugs and issues with slight optimizations.  You can lay your hands on patch notes to get more detailed information on that.

The XBox Wire urges the PUBG community to give them their feedbacks as these suggestions have always helped build a better understanding.

With that into context, the PUBG developers PUBG Corp. will be holding down the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of the game until the 1.0 version is stable.  This came out directly from Bluehole’s CEO Chang Han Kim.

Hopefully, this does not get the game to lose its anticipation.

PUBG is one of the top gifted game on Microsoft store since December so if you want to buy the game or gift a copy now is a perfect time.

The Game is available on Microsoft Windows as well but PUBG Battle Points giveaway is not applicable to PC version.

Source: Xbox