Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Part 1 Walkthrough

In this guide, we will be giving you Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Part 1 Walkthrough. We will cover all of the objectives that you need to complete, in order to complete the first part of the story mission.

Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Part 1

The mission starts off with you hearing the news about getting accepted into the Psychonauts’ Internship program, instead of getting the status of a Psychonaut.

Talk to the Receptionist to let her know about the situation and she will give you a Field Manual that will guide you through the headquarter during your main quest The Motherlobe.

Report to the Classroom

Now, head to the Main Lobby of the Psychonaut Headquarters and have a little look around. When you are done, head to the Classroom where you have a meeting arranged with Hollis.

You will meet other students in the Classroom who will play a prank on you by taking your clothes and locking you in the Storage Room. Now, you need to get out of the Storage Room.

Escape the Storage Room

Go towards the painting in the room and burn it down to reveal a gap that you can go through. Keep going straight left until you reach an exit door with a keypad.

You need to know the password to the keypad in order to escape. A rat by the name of Harold will appear that will help you with finding the key code. Use Clairvoyance on Harold to look through his eyes.

Harold will go through the vent and find the password written on a piece of paper. Enter the password in the keypad to unlock the exit door and escape. Enter the air duct and drop down through the hole to enter the laboratory.

A cutscene will play where you will meet Sasha and Otto.

After the cutscene, leave the room to meet with Norma, who will help you get your clothes back if you help with a side mission called Scavenger Hunt.

Report to Hollis’ Office

Now, go back to the lobby and enter the Classroom. Hollis’ office is next to the Classroom. Enter her office to initiate a cutscene.

Report to Mailroom

You will be tasked with an assignment to work in the Mail Room with Nick Johnsmith. Head to the Mailroom by using the Otto B.O.N., that allows you to fast travel through the headquarter.

Fast travel to the Atrium, where the Mailroom is. Once you enter the Mailroom, you will meet with Lori, who will guide you with the assignment.

Sort the Mail

You need to place the packages in the chutes. There are four colored chutes in which you will place a package of the same color sticker inside. Every package has a colored sticker on top of it. Place the package inside the chute of the respective color.

Deliver the Package

Once all of the packages have been sorted, you will find a strange package that needs to be delivered to Truman in his office for inspection.

Pick up the package using Telekinesis and make your way towards Truman’s Office. When you exit the Mailroom, Nick Johnsmith’s body will pop out of the package.

Go to Class

After the cutscene, head to the Classroom to attend your class. You will find Hollis inside, teaching the class.

Enter Hollis’ Mind

Talk to her and when prompted with a choice, choose “When does class start?” to complete the first part of The Motherlobe story mission.