How to Increase Psitanium Capacity in Psychonauts 2

Psitanium is the key currency in Psychonauts 2. You can buy upgrades and anything that is available in Otto-matics shops.  In this guide we’ll discuss everything there is to know about Psitanium in Psychonauts 2 and even tell you how to increase your Psitanium capacity!

How to increase Psitanium Capacity in Psychonauts 2

You’ll automatically start realizing the importance of the Psitanium after getting started in the game. They look like clusters of purple crystal of different shapes. They are very useful throughout the game.

The biggest question here is where to find more Psitanium? Well, you can get Psitanium from a lot of sources but mainly you’ll be getting it as a drop off by enemies you defeat.

Farming Psitanium

You can just farm Psitanium by breaking as many things as possible around yourself. Utilize different attacks or even the ground pound ability to break things. Then just run directly over the Psitanium clusters to pick them.

Psitanium can also be found in hidden deposits in some of the free-roam hub locations. These deposits appear in the ground as little purple clouds and can be dug up simply by interacting with them.

Another really good way to get Psitanium is by finding and opening hidden supply chests. They are very well hidden and need key to open them up.

How to Carry More Psitanium

As mentioned before in the article Psitanium is primarily utilized to buy beneficial upgrades from Otto-matic shops. You’ll be needing a lot of this purple currency as you’ll progress in the game.

You need to upgrade your wallet to carry more Psitanium. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation very soon, where you may have to leave Psitanium as your wallet capacity will be limited.

You can buy upgrades like Psifold Wallet, Astral Wallet subsequentially to increase your Psitanium wallet capacity significantly.

There is another upgrade which you might find useful. Buying Mental Magnet will allow you to pick Psitanium from a much greater distance.

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