Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover the locations of all the collectibles such as Figments in the Loboto’s Labyrinth level of Psychonauts 2

There are a wide variety of collectibles strewn across the levels of Psychonauts 2. As you progress through the story you can collect these from different locations. In this guide, we’ll cover the locations of all the collectibles in Loboto’s Labyrinth level of Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Collectibles Locations

In Loboto’s Labyrinth, you’ll find 80 Figments, 2 Nugget of Wisdom, 5 Emotional Baggage and 2 Memory Vault in total. All these collectibles are scattered in the whole area at different locations.

Below we’ve listed the places where you can locate and grab these collectibles scattered across Loboto’s Labyrinth.

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Figments in Loboto’s Labyrinth

There are 80 figments in total in Loboto’s Labyrinth. Most figments are not that hard to get as they are placed in front not so hidden places.

Usually, you find them just by looking here and there a bit. Still, there are some that are well hidden and need a little more effort than other. Let’s explore all the places where you can find them.

We’ll start from the area where you get Telekinesis, go to left and check the corner facing the ascending teeth. There you can see and grab the concealed one.

Let’s head towards the central office. To get to collect a handful of Figments, wall jump up two filing cabinets in the opposite corner to the zipper teeth.

After that use your melee on several boxes on the shelving above the secret alcove, which is just to the left of the Loboto painting.

You can find Figments behind a “Snitches Get Stitches” poster in the Poster Gallery. To burn the print and gain access to the place, Pyrokinesis is required.

Dental void is an important place where you can get your hands on your desired item Figments. On the right-hand side take the thermal updraft all the way to the top, then glide across to the platform with the blue Figment.

To the far level of the level, in the Dental Void area. To get to this region, you will need to return to Loboto’s mind with the Mental Connection power. Where you’ll be able to grapple these thoughts and make your way to this platform.

Memory Vaults in Loboto’s Labyrinth

There are only two memory vault collectibles in here.

Memory vault #1

The first Memory Vault can be found in the first office space where you first encounter Censors. Look opposite to the dentist’s door there you’ll notice an area blocked by a shelf with crates.

Memory vault #2

Memory vault #2 requires a mental connection power. You can get this mental connection ability by going and find the memory vault in the Asylum area. Look on the right side of the area after getting in from tunnel of teeth. Use Mental Connection to do the task.

Nuggets of Wisdom in Loboto’s Labyrinth

Just like Memory Vault there are only 2 Nugget of Wisdom in Loboto’s Labyrinth.

Nugget of Wisdom #1

Use Pyrokinesis on the big portrait of Loboto in Central Office to unveil a new little alcove with a Nugget.

Nugget of Wisdom #2

To get the Nugget of Wisdom go to the Trashcan area. Use Telekinesis on the zipper teeth to get the nugget.

Emotional Baggage in Loboto’s Labyrinth

There are 5 Emotional Baggages in Loboto’s Labyrinth. To collect Emotional Baggage we also have to locate and get its tag from elsewhere from the level.

Suitcase – Emotional Baggage #1

You can find the tag of this suitcase’s emotional baggage to the left of the asylum area, on a floating teeth platform. For the suitcase, you need to go to the conference and check behind the picture of teeth. You can get it by using Pyrokinesis first.

Steamer Trunk – Emotional Baggage #2

Its tag can be found in the Dental void. Explore towards the far-left side of the area and use Mental connection power to get access.

Now for Steamer Trunk, you need an Asylum trip. There you can find it in the right direction on a floating bit of gums. You also need Mental Connection power here too.

Hatbox – Emotional Baggage #3

You can collect the tag in the conference room by following the twisted conference table. For the baggage go check behind Loboto’s painting beyond which you can see a secret room. You need Pyrokinesis power to get access.

Purse – Emotional Baggage #4

To get your hands on baggage you need to go to the end of Poster Gallery. You won’t be able to open it yet because the Purse Tag is further down the level, requiring you to return a second time.

Dufflebag – Emotional Baggage #5

You can find the Dufflebag tag near the desks in the room with the first Censor. Grab the tag from there to further progress. Baggage is also located nearby. Try looking next to the stairs by the teeth zipper.

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