Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Hot Streak Walkthrough

In this Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Hot Streak Walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to complete all of the objectives of this main campaign mission deal with the first major boss of the game.

Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Hot Streak Walkthrough

After you’ve completed the Hollis’ Classroom main mission, you’ll be pushed onto the next part in the campaign; Hollis’ Hot Streak.

The mission takes Raz to the Lady Luctopus Casino. You will be solving a murder, finding goggles and getting rid of two Anti-Psychic detectors. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Hot Streak walkthrough.

Operation Lady Luctopus

Once inside the Casino, go and talk to Hollis, and she’ll inform you that she needs you to find her Dowsing Goggles, from the Jet. As Raz approaches the jet, a cut scene plays where he spots Agent Forsythe heading to the casino.

To find Hollis you’ll need to bypass Anti-Psychic detectors. The patrolling detectors can be destroyed using your PSI blast. The large Octopus door will still be shut, so climb onto the pink neon-lighted railing to the left of the octopus.

After crossing the railing, Raz will have found Hollis trying her luck on the casino machines. To figure out what’s up with Hollis’s behavior Raz will now use his Mental Connection to enter her mind.

Mind Hollis’ Mind

The first step to fixing Hollis’s mind is to use the Mental Connection power to travel left through the white Idea Nodes until you reach the Risk bubble. Going through a small opening nearby will in fact open up to another ambulance.

It seems the Ambulance is driving itself with Hollis nowhere to be found. Head to the back doors, and try to get out.

This will start a cutscene where the ambulance crashes and Raz will find himself in a changed world. All of this happened because of his interference with Hollis’s mind.

Next up, Raz has to make his way to the emergency room. His path is blocked by a Heavy Censor, several censors and bad Ideas, defeat them all.

Make sure to stay out of reach of the Heavy Censors, be wary, their arms extend way longer than you would expect them to.

Enter the emergency room and navigate through it till you find the platforms vanishing underneath you, causing you to teleport to a different location. Look for huge Roller doors.

A brief cutscene plays with Agent Forsythe, who will lock Raz out of the High Rollers Lounge. The players or Raz will find themselves in the morgue. And, to get back, Raz needs 3 gazillion dollars.

In this new room there will be 4 names in neon, and a hatch next to each. The hatches are, Doctors Only (Blue), Maternity (Pink), Pharmacy (Orange), Records (Yellow), and Cardiology (Purple).

Each hatch leads to one of the vaults that we will be accessing.

Doctors Only Vault

Follow the path until you happen on a memory vault. Destroying it will give you access to the memory vault of Breaking Dr. Potts.

Maternity Vault

Once you have entered through the hatch, approach the big wheel, Adam and Lizzie will be there. You will have to un-rig the Maternity roulette wheel, to give the rich skeletons the baby they have always wanted. And bonus part, if you do this successfully, you get the Gazillion Dollar Prize!

Firstly, use your Mental Connection powers to connect to the money node. Keep on chaining the idea until you reach the delight node.

Once connected to the Delight node, you’ll hear Hollis’s voice, she’ll be gambling in the High Rollers Lounge.

Keep chaining the idea and head through a hole behind the roulette wheel, and another cut scene will begin to play.

Raz needs to convince Hollis that it is possible to beat the system, so start making your way across the multitude of platforms in your way to reach the end of the path where new ideas await.

Watch out for red lightbulbs, they explode if you get near enough, you can stop this by picking them up with your Telekinesis.

By the end you will reach the roulette wheel. Once here, use your PSI blast to blast through the purple barrier blocking your way. After which you find the effective idea node.

Chain it together with the Defiance node and the skeleton couple will have their baby. Also giving you your first gazillion Dollars.

Pharmacy Vault

Next up enter the pharmacy vault where you’ll need to un-rig the Pillinko Machine. Head first to the bartender under the Pillinko Machine.

Trying your luck first time will have you launched out of the machine, the heart will be locked and the Raz complains the machine is rigged.

It is at this moment that Norma and Morris appear to offer help, but they suddenly disappear. Instead, you have to converse and investigate the machine by questioning three people; an Old Patient, a Young Patient, and a Pillinko Nurse.

After listening to all three, you will need to connect their thoughts to progress. Connect Decision to wisdom, then Judgment to Quitting and finally victory to moderation.

After the last one, a hidden path behind the Pillinko will reveal itself.

Another platforming level begins now by the end of which you need to connect Feeling and Hide thoughts, located near the heart.

To begin, blast away the purple barrier with your PSI blast. This reveals a bouncy heart, use it to get to the white Mental Connection nodes.

Travel through the course to connect Share with felling, after which Hollis will start sharing her feelings and the heart will return to its proper place. Exit now and return to the bartender for another shot at the game.

Once inside the Pillinko machine, veer to the left side of the machine to a ledge just above the stomach.

Make your way to where the red pills are falling and you’ll end up falling into the stomach where the second Gazillion dollar prize is located.

Records Vault

Enter through the hatch and follow the corridor until the end, destroying any obstacle that blocks your path.

In the end, burn the poster with your pyrokinesis and reveal a hidden room with a nugget of wisdom.

Cardiology Vault

Enter through the hatch and follow the corridor until you reach the Cardio Racing machine.

There you can also find Gisu and Sam, although they too disappear soon. After they do, speak to Nurse Barr. You have to place a bet, but the same as before, the game will be rigged for you to lose.

Now you must investigate, head to the newly opened double doors to find other racers and ask Hearts about it.

You can run the race in their stead for Hearts. After the conversation, connect the Change and Impossible. Doing this takes to another platforming level, only this time you have to fight off bad ideas, censors and avoid shock platforms.

At the end blast the purple barrier and chain the Winning idea to Help. Now go back and bet again and place the bet on hearts. After which you take the place of the injured racer yourself. Finish first to get your 3rd Gazillion dollars.

Return to the High Roller’s Lounge

With the money in tow, you can return to the lounge. A cutscene will play in which Hollis attempts to solve all the Psychonauts’ financial problems by trying to win against the house.

At this point, you find out all the missing children are being abducted by Lady Luctopus and Hollis is stacking the deck against Raz. And, now you’ll have to defeat Lady Luctopus.

How to Defeat Lady Luctopus

As Lady Luctopus is the first proper boss you will be fighting in the game, be prepared. We will take you through each phase of the fight for you.

Phase 1

The first phase has you targeting the right tentacle. Luctopus will constantly be throwing light bulbs at you, they are more like proximity bombs, get near them and they explode.

Use your telekinesis to dislodge and throw them at the right tentacle. Sometimes the boss covers the tentacle with cards, so time your attacks according to the openings.

You have to destroy the cover plate over the sucker, on the tentacle, and then destroy the sucker for the boss to release Lizzie and Adam.

Phase 2

Your last attack will stun Lady Luctopus. Use this time to connect to the white idea nodes and get to the platform with the stacked chips. The Lady’s heart is on top of her head.

To reach it you need to use the bouncing heart to reach another platform that gives you perfect access to hit them. It will be protected by a barrier, make short work of it using your PSI blast.

The heart will be vulnerable, hit it until Lady Luctopus wakes up and throws you back to the lower platform.

Phase 3

This is typically the same as phase one. Repeat all the same steps this time on the tentacle holding the cards for Morris and Norma. This will free two more of the kids.

But there is one difference however, whenever Luctopus raises the cards to her eye, red dotted lines appear all over the stage.

Avoid these as cards strike all across the dotted line and deal a ton of damage.

Phase 4

Much like the 2nd phase, cross over the raised platforms on the left tentacle’s side and destroy the barrier protecting the heart. When the heart is vulnerable, damage it until a cutscene plays where Luctopus reveals she has two more people trapped in cards.

Phase 5

To free Sam and Gisu, repeat everything from the previous steps, watch out for the increase in the speed of the attacks.

Also, she uses a defibrillator and electrocutes the whole ground. To avoid getting electrocuted jump on any of the stacked chips.

Phase 6

Go for Lady Luctopus’s heart one more time to finally end the boss fight. After which a cutscene plays, where Raz will apologize to Hollis. After which they now reawaken in the real world.

Now that you have saved Hollis, it’s time to complete the mission.

Operation Lady Luctopus (Part Two)

With the help of the interns, we have to reach the penthouse now. Outside the building, Gisu will have placed a Neon Pink Rail.

Jump on it and you’ll start sliding on it, jump between gaps and switch to the right sections of the rail as you traverse its length. At the end, jump onto the bouncing pads to reach a platform nearby.

From there Norma will use her powers to break off the locks allowing you to fall into the elevator. Make your way down and into the casino. Defeat Anti-PSI drones with your PSI blasts.

In the next room, you’ll enter a cutscene that sees you surrounded by Anti-PSI drones. This time Adam will help you out, saving you from the attacks. At the turnabout of the cutscene, you will be sliding down a construction site, watch out for the obstacles in your way.

In the end, Sam will help you into the North Tower by summoning a whale.

Investigate the Penthouse

 You enter the penthouse to a pretty awful smell of rotten caviar. On the left side of the room will be a picture of an octopus. Use your pyrokinesis to burn it.

Behind it, a secret room will be revealed, and in it you will uncover evidence of strange happenings tied to the Deluginists and Maligula, and a note that references to Lili, marking the completion of this mission.

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