Psychonauts 2 Gramophone Locations Guide

In this guide, we’ll be showing you where to find all Psychonauts 2 Gramophone Locations during your excavation through the Fatherland Follies area.

Psychonauts 2 Gramophone Locations

The quest requires you to destroy three Gramophones in Father Follies Area. The Make It Stop trophy will be your prize for completing this simple mission.

This guide includes all Psychonauts 2 Gramophone Locations in Father Follies Area that you will need to destroy in order to complete the mission.

Gramophone #1

The Fall of Grulovia should be your first stop on your quest to find the Gramophones.

Using the teleporting bug, teleport to the Fall of Grulovia. When you get to the area, turn around and look for a door with a red light above it.

Enter through the door, and inside will be the first Gramophone. Simply destroy it and move on to the next one in the Life in Exile area.


Gramophone #2

Next up, teleport to the Life in Exile area. There will be a door in front of you as soon as you land.

To enter, use your projection ability to open the door. On the inside, you’ll notice two obstacles. Use your Time Bubble ability to get around these obstacles.

As soon as you get past the obstacles, you’ll come across the second Gramophone. Destroy it and move on to the third one.

Gramophone #3

Infiltrating the Psychonauts is the location of the third and last Gramophone. As you enter the region, look for a hollow tree just ahead of you.

Inside the hollow tree, there is a hidden door. Find the hidden door and go inside to find the third gramophone. You can destroy it in order to complete the little side-activity.

The quest concludes when you destroy all three gramophones. You will also unlock the Make it Stop trophy as a reward for destroying all three of the gramophones.

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