Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies Walkthrough

Fatherland Follies is the final level of Psychonauts 2, featuring a whole lot of exciting events. In this guide, we will be detailing every step of your way in the Fatherland Follies.

Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies

In Fatherland Follies, you will basically be tasked with finding the brain of Lili’s father, and for that, you’ll find Raz taking a long ride in Gristol’s brain.

Fret not however, our guide below will get you up to speed with exactly what you need to do in order to come out on top of Fatherland Follies level in Psychonauts 2.

So, let’s begin!

Speak With Lili

First off, go and talk to Lili. She’ll tell you that her dad has been acting weird; respond by saying that you need to take a look into his mind.

Following the cutscene that plays, you’ll find yourself alongside Lile, in a dressing room, in the mind of Lili’s father.

In the dressing room, pick up all the collectibles and destroy the statue in the middle. As a result, you’ll get sucked into the ride’s entrance.

Take the Ride

There will be a cutscene in which you’ll see Gristol taking the ride. When the cutscene ends, approach the ride operator and persist him to allow you to get into the ride as well.

Move along with the ride until you come across a locked door. To unlock it, you’ll need to rectify an electric problem atop a nearby platform.

Go and interact with the problem to fix it. Then, head back down to your ride.

Deal With the Foes!

However, before the door opens, waves of enemies will attack you. In the battle that follows, the key is to stay patient, and you’ll easily overcome all.

Once all the enemies are being dealt with, hop on your ride and continue on your path. After a while, you’ll come across another closed door, prompting a cutscene.

Find the Golden Egg

In the cutscene, Raz will talk with the Propagandeer, who’ll promise to open the door if you find him the egg he needs.

Head to the area with the interactive scenery. Set the backdrop as underwater, with some fish, two cacti, and the family in the center of the stage.

Now, make your way behind the backdrop. There, you’ll meet Gristol, who’ll give you the Golden Egg you require.

Take this Golden Egg to Propagandeer by following the red-carpeted pathway.

Once you set the egg on its destined location, the door will open, and you’ll be able to resume your ride.

Ultimately, you’ll reach the part of Gristol’s brain where you’ll see his memory of taking the brain of Lile’s father.

A cutscene will be prompted at this point, and at the end of it, you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a lighthouse nearby.

All of a sudden, this lighthouse will be lifted, and you’ll find yourself amongst swarms of enemies charging at you, with the crowd cheering.

Deal with the Foes, Again!

Overcoming these enemies will take a good amount of your time, but you just have to stick to the basics and remain resilient.

When you have taken down all the enemies, the lighthouse will appear once again. Enter it, gather all the collectibles, and exit the other side. Now, get back on the ride.

Converse to Gristol

When the ride stops, head to the Gift Shop on your left. There, you’ll meet Gristol; talk to him.

When prompted, choose the following dialogues in the same order as below:

  • Grulovia was never great. It was always a fair-to-middling country AT BEST.
  • Where’s Truman’s Brain?
  • The people HATED the Maliks.
  • Your father used Lucrecia Mux to squash non-violent protests.
  • Your dad was a brutal dictator and a ruthless strongman.
  • Gzar Theodore made a monster.
  • Maligula is my grandma!

When the conversation ends, Gristol will tie you up in the air. Meanwhile, Lili will be on her way to save the day.

When she calls, use your Time Bubble power to allow her to get in the room where you are tied up.

She will burst in and take down Gristol. A final cutscene will be triggered at that point, marking the completion of Fatherland Follies.