How to Fast Travel in Psychonauts 2

When you’re not out on leisurely strolls, running from place to place searching for secrets, or exploring the world in Psychonauts 2, you may need a faster way to travel than your reliable but albeit slow legs. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to Fast Travel in Psychonauts 2.

How to Fast Travel in Psychonauts 2

To unlock the fast travel feature you will need to have spoken with Hollis. She is the second head of the Psychonauts program and will assign you to the mailroom.

After your conversation with her, exit the office and another cutscene plays where Lili bursts out of the floor. She will then explain what she was doing, using the OTTO B.O.N, and show you how to do it too. This will unlock the fast travel mechanics for you to use.

Fast Travel Locations

Once you are ready to fast travel in Psychonauts 2 all you need to do is approach the Otto B.O.N top. Which will open up the option to fast travel to any available location in the Motherlobe.

The Motherlobe will initially allow you to choose from a number of different locations that you can fast travel to.

To unlock more fast travel points you need to progress the story. By the end, the following locations will be available for fast travel:

Unlocked by default.

Intern Wing
Unlocked by default.

Sasha’s Lab
Unlocked by default.

Truman’s Grotto
Go into the room just above the Nerve Center to unlock Truman’s Grotto.

The Quarry
Head outside into the area surrounding The Motherlobe to unlock a fast travel point to The Quarry.

Psychoisolation Chamber
Head to the Psychoisolation Chamber in the Quarry to unlock the fast travel point.

Otto’s Lab
Go to Otto’s Lab in the Quarry to unlock this fast travel point.

The Questionable Area
Go through the Abandoned Mine into The Questionable Area to unlock the fast travel point.

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