Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Collectibles Locations Guide

Compton’s Cookoff is a mission in Psychonauts 2 and just like any other mission in the game you can find a lot of collectibles. In this guide, we will tell you about the locations of all the Compton’s Cookoff collectibles in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Collectibles Locations

You will find five types of collectibles in the game which are Figments, Nuggets of Wisdom, Half-A-Minds, Memory Vaults, and Emotional Baggage.

You will find a total of 51 Figments, 2 Nuggets of Wisdom, 2 Half-A-Minds, 2 memory Vaults, and 5 Emotional Baggage.

Let’s take a look at where you can find all of these during Compton’s Cookoff mission.

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Figments in Compton’s Cookoff

Figments Location # 1

From the location you spawn in, just go towards the right stand and collect the purse tag from the center of the stairs.


After collecting that, just get back and take the path on the left side and move forward and collect all the Figments and duffle bag tags from the end.

Figments Location # 2

After that, return to the location of the second figment which was on the net, and use the net to jump onto the next platform.

Here, collect the figments in your way and after that, you will see two bluish pipes.

Use one pipe and go all the way to the end and collect figments on your way. You will find another pipe which will take you to a stove.

Now look at the backside of the stove and you will find the suitcase tag.

Figments Location # 3

Now get all the way back using the same pipe and take the other pipe and collect the Figments in your way all the way to end the end till you land on the surface. Here you will also find the hotbox tag on the top of the stands type structure.

Figments Location # 4

Now, from the location of the Hotbox tag, drop on the left side and collect the figment and move forward on the path of stoves that are burning one by one and collect all the figments along the way.

Figments Location # 5

Now, from the location of the stove, you get the suitcase tag and again use the pipe and from the first platform instead of moving on the pipe forward. From here, drop on the left side pipe and collect all the figments in the surroundings.

Figments Location # 6

Now from there, you will see a rotating log. Cross it and you will find figments there as well collect them all and climb from the net on the right side.

From there go left and use the blue pipe which will take you to the boiling water.

Collect the boiling egg and slide it through the surface next to it and collect the figment in the way and place it on the plate.

Figments Location # 7

From the slicer, jump onto the next platform and use the pipe to collect two more figments and return.

Figments Location # 8

Now, pull the chopper hoof and take the slice of the onion back and collect one figment from the slide while going down. This is the last figment in the first section.

Figments Location # 9

Again, go on the slicer platform and collect two figments from there. Now from here, you have to go to each location you have been to before to collect all 10 figments.

Once you have 39 figments you can press the button and start round 2.

Figments Location # 10

Now before starting round 3 go to the right side stands where the ingredients are and collect two figments after that again on the slicer’s platform go up and collect the figments there.

Now again you have to go to every single corner of the areas you visit before till you have collected a total of 50 figments. After that press the button and start round three.

Figment Location # 11

In the second visit after round three, after collecting the steamer trunk, get up onto the next platform and you will see the dark thoughts in the air. Hit that and collect the last figment as well.

Emotional Baggage in Compton’s Cookoff

Emotional Baggage Location # 1

On U-turn of the stove path, you will find the Emotional Baggage which is a Purse.

Emotional Baggage Location # 2

After placing the egg on the plate go on the right path and go left down and you will find the emotional baggage suitcase there.

Emotional Baggage Location # 3

Now from the center, get the onion and go in the chopper platform by dodging the blades and in the end, you will find the duffle bag behind the slicer.

Emotional Baggage Location # 4

Right at the start of your second visit, go to the three stages structure in front of you and collect the steamer tag from the central platform.

Now, cross the rotating wooden log and this time head behind the central structure and you will find the steamer trunk there.

Half-A-Minds in Compton’s Cookoff

Two Half-A-Minds will grants you the health of a full brain.

Half-A-Mind #1

Completing round one within the time you will get the first Half-A-Minds.

Half-A-Mind # 2

Completing the second round within the time limit will also get you a Half-A-Mind.

Memory Vault in Compton’s Cookoff

On the platform next to the chopper, you will find the memory Vault on the lower section.

By completing round three in time, you will just get the Steamer tag.

Nugget of Wisdom in Compton’s Cookoff

From the location where you find the steamer trunk, move up and you will see the dark thoughts in the air. Hit that and collect the Nugget of Wisdom from there.

Now you will also see on the screen that you have collected 100% of all the collectibles in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2!

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