PSVR Promised To Grow With “Deeper Gaming” By Sony

For the larger part of the titles that have been coming in for PSVR have been the kind of experiences for gamers to have every now and then. The Head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios acknowledged this fact and proposed that the PSVR games are going to grow from that for good. Gamers have now been demanding more extensive virtual reality gaming which could transform the VR titles that come out now from Sony’s end.

Yoshida discussed the PSVR games in a Japanese interview conducted on the official PlayStation blog. Yoshida was discussing the recently concluded Tokyo Game Show 2018 when he highlighted the growing significane of PSVR in the gaming community. He commented on this issue after recognizing the potential and place of this category in the future of the gaming industry:

“Users will not want a short experience, they will want to have a game to play for a longer time. Based on such expectations, I came up with the strategy of making full-scale games of larger scale in the 2nd and 3rd years.”

Furthermore, Yoshida related this growth in the PSVR with the mention of games like the Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Firewall Zero Hour. According to him these titles could be the foundation for Sony to further develop the virtual reality gaming industry. Sony also promised earlier this year to increase such titles by 80%.

Sony has also been reported to commit to PSVR in the future as well. In this regard, PlayStation 5 and PSVR could play an essential role for each other in the coming times. Yoshida also restored the faith of fans by stating:

“Titles with deeper gaming will continue to increase in the future”

The future of PSVR looks to be in safe hands for now as Sony is firm to keep working on it. They just recently gave us a design headset which can counter a sickness said to have been originated from virtual gaming.

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