Is the PSVR 2 Going to Be Wireless

With the PlayStation 5 already breaking records and Sony confirming the release of a new PSVR, the question is, will the PSVR 2 be Wireless?

With Sony’s new PlayStation 5 already breaking records and the new DualSense controller winning hearts, we knew for sure that we’d be seeing a new PSVR as well sometime in the future. Well, Sony has confirmed that we’ll be getting a new PSVR 2, but it’ll be a wired one. However, Sony did hint at a wireless PSVR a while back, and here is everything we know if the upcoming PSVR 2 is a wired or a wireless VR headset.

Is the PSVR 2 Going to Be Wireless

It’s been more than four years since Sony introduced its new PSVR to provide a more immersive gaming experience for their last-generation console, PlayStation 4. Virtual Reality systems have come a long way since then, and Sony wasn’t letting its four-year-old VR technology ruin their PlayStation 5 gaming experience.

With PS5 being one of the most powerful consoles in the market at the moment and holding a record as the fastest-selling console ever, it felt like it deserved a new virtual reality device to compliment the kind of performance and experience the PS5 offers.

The upcoming PSVR 2 for PS5 was confirmed by Hideaki Nishino back in February 2021. Afterward, over a span of the last two months, we’ve got to see several other posts on the PlayStation blog regarding the upcoming PSVR 2, helping us piece together an idea of what this new VR Headset would be like.

However, the only thing confirmed until now is that PS5 will get to see a new VR headset, and it would be accompanied by a newly developed set of controllers as well. Out of the pictures that we’re getting to see from Sony, it could be rightly be said that these new gadgets under development are nothing like anything seen before.

The VR headset alone will provide a better resolution, more field view, and in general, a better gaming experience. The controllers, on the other hand, are freshly designed from scratch for a sensational user experience. If the new DualSense controller isn’t already mesmerizing you, then you’re in for a ride since the new PSVR 2 controllers are considerably better.

While everything seemed perfect, and the hopes were high for this new technology being pieced together by Sony on a bombshell, Hideaki Nishino wrote in one of his blog posts that the new VR headset would be a wired one.

Should We Expect a Wireless PSVR 2?
All the hype being created before PSVR 2 gets unveiled has kind of lost its charm with the fact that it is not wireless. Tripping over the wire of your own VR headset while trying to take out a few enemies around the corner does not seem like a very pleasant gaming experience.

However, to our relief, Sony has mentioned that the PSVR 2 will be connected to the console through a single wire. This way, we’ll all be saving some time over the cable management, and our living room would still look a lot cleaner. However, this does not cover up the fact that Sony’s competitors have already opted for wireless VR headsets, such as Oculus.

Keeping this in mind, it won’t be overkill to expect some wireless versions of PSVR 2 sometime in the future after the release of wired PSVR 2. This could go two ways. Sony will either release the PSVR 2 pro version featuring wireless support, which you can opt for after paying more amount of money, or simply offer an add-on to the original PSVR 2 that could make it go wireless.

Keeping in mind that there are already some wireless VR headsets in the market, developing a wireless PSVR 2 does not seem like a hefty job. In fact, Sony officials have teased about introducing a wireless VR headset back in 2019.

Sony can utilize the built-in 5GHz WiFi in their PS5 to develop a wireless VR headset, or they can add a 60 GHz transmitter to it. The latter option might add further weight to the headset, but the transmitter can be sold separately as an upgrade. This will give the consumer a choice for making their PSVR 2 wired or wireless.

Therefore, let’s not lose hope for a wireless PSVR 2 as of yet. But, for now, all we know that PSVR 2 is not coming out any time soon, and when it does, it will be a wired one. What we do know for sure is that if there’ll be anything preventing it from disappearing from the shelves, unlike PS5, will be the wire protruding out of it.

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