PSVR 2 Should Deliver “VR Experience Suitable For PS5,” Teases Sony

Using a last-generation PlayStation VR headset for backwards compatible PS4 games on PS5 does not really define a next-generation virtual reality experience. That is obviously where PSVR 2 comes in and for which Sony Interactive Entertainment has offered a little teaser to warm up fans.

Speaking with AV Watch in a recent Japanese interview, Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of global product strategy and management, noted that even through backwards compatibility, PSVR gains a “boost” on PS5 in terms of quality and experience. However, that is obviously not enough.

Nishino teased that he would personally “like to expect PS5 to have a VR experience [that is] suitable for PS5.” The notion being that PSVR is unable to make full use of the improved hardware of PS5. That is a job for PSVR 2 which remains in the wind for the time being.

PSVR 2 is confirmed to be in development. Sony has stated that the next-generation VR headset will only be unveiled after the launch of PS5 which is incidentally in a couple of days.

A number of patents have already given a fair idea of what to expect. The most recent one for example suggests PSVR 2 to have controllers similar in design to the ones of Valve Index. Another patent suggests PSVR 2 to create saccadic masking periods to only render frames that the user is looking at in order to save resources.

PlayStation 5 launches worldwide on November 12, 2020. Note that the console requires a special PSVR adapter to support the headset. This adapter can be obtained from Sony for PS5 at absolutely no charge.

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