New PSVR 2 Patent Looks To Add Multiple Users In A Single VR Environment

In a bid to explore more immersive interactive experiences, Sony Interactive Entertainment might use its new PlayStation virtual reality headset (PSVR 2) to allow multiple users to populate a single virtual reality environment.

According to a newly published patent from earlier in the week, a virtual reality user can be given their own virtual reality environment which other virtual reality users can then decide to join as spectators.

These spectators can either use “pre-authored spots or locations” within the said virtual reality environment or use their line of sight to identify specific locations for themselves.

In either case, the host of the virtual reality environment can also adjust audio settings to enable surround sound for each spectator based on their prescribed location. Doing so will hence make each spectator feel like they are actually present at their locations within the virtual reality environment.

The second part of the patent however suggests that spectators will not have the privilege to move around, at least not in the traditional sense. Their viewing spots will all be directed at a character placed in the virtual reality environment. When the character moves, so will the spectator view.

The method includes providing a spectator view into the VR environment. The spectator view is associated with a viewing spot directed into the VR environment. Then, automatically moving said viewing spot of the spectator view to the other viewing spots that follow the character in the VR environment.

Sony has teased PSVR 2 to be a worthy next-generation companion for PlayStation 5. Compared to the original PSVR, the new headset will feature improved resolution support, more accurate field-of-view tracking, better comfort, higher visual fidelity, and most importantly, new haptic feedback sensors similar to the DualSense controller to physically feel in-game sensations.

There are likely several projects in the works which will be utilizing those said improvements. In light of the new patent, PSVR 2 may as well be getting more than just games.

PSVR 2 remains without an official release date but speculations have pegged late 2022 to be a possible launch window.

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