PSP Software Support Ending on March 31, 2016

Sony is ending PSP software support via PlayStation Store and UMD Passport starting March 31, 2016.

One of the most successful portable gaming systems is PlayStation Portable. Known as PSP for short, the handheld is still a highly popular machine despite being released years ago.

Its successor PlayStation Vita managed to gain plenty of attention from indie developers but due to the lack of high-end developer support and low install-base, Vita never really took-off.

That makes PSP the most successful Sony handheld to date. However, all great things must come to an end and same is the case with this handheld.

According to a new announcement, PSP software support via PlayStation Store as well as the UMD Passport is going to end in March 31, 2016.

Here’s a rough translation of Sony’s announcement.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, PSP® format software in PSP® “PlayStation Portable” for PlayStation®Store, game Archives ※ 1 available for purchase, of video content sales, and the download version of the PSP® format software at discount price the UMD®Passport service, will end on March 31, 2016 (Thursday).

So what if you wish to buy PlayStation Portable games? Well, you can use Vita, PS3, PC or mobile devices to download PlayStation Portable content and then transfer it to the handheld.


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