PSOne Horror Classic, Echo Night, Coming to PS3, Vita and PSP

PlayStation One’s classic horror title Echo Night is in line for a release on the PS3, Vita and PSP, suggests a recent listing from the ESRB.

The latest addition to Sony’s batch of PlayStation One re-releases is a first-person survival horror game that had everyone rushing for the nearest light switches in 1999.

Players travel through time to help solve a murder. On the way though, you’ll encounter all kinds of ghosts and supernatural entities. There are no weapons in the game and so the only way players can get rid of the ghosts is by switching on the lights.

The game was developed by From Software which went on to create Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and the upcoming Bloodborne. A sequel, Echo Night: Beyond was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. With Echo Night already inbound, it’s possible that Sony will follow up with the second installment as well.

According to the ESRB listing, Echo Night will be digitally published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, much like the previous PSOne releases. A release date wasn’t mentioned but since it has been rated, the release could probably be just a few weeks away.

Source ESRB

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