Bungie Not Happy With PSN Name Change Feature and Its Issues

In the wake of the upcoming PSN name changing feature Sony announced to be available soon upon February 2019, gamers were concerned mainly with the ramifications that come along with it.

This includes possible loss of not only progress in several games the user may own, but also in loss of actual content. Like DLC, or game files as a whole. Destiny 2, however, has expressed confidence in how they will not be affected the same way by the ID change feature.

Bungie’s community manager, Dylan Gafner took to social media, specifically the Destiny 2 Subreddit to provide some insight on how the ID change feature will affect the game. He said while Bungie cannot fully guarantee an absence of any issues, they are testing what the feature does to the game’s progress and whether or not it carries any negative effects.

Dylan updated the fans and did state that Destiny 2 isn’t expected to run into any severe or frequent issues with the ID changing feature of the PlayStation network. This refers to the content not only within the game but even the legacy transfers from Destiny 1’s progress. Dylan added that while some edge case scenarios may arise, Destiny 2 is relatively in the clear so far. The same couldn’t be said for Destiny 1 however. Sony plans to roll out the ID change feature in early 2019

Although not too many people own only Destiny 2 for their PlayStation, perhaps it’s not worth changing your witty ID to another wordplay you may have come up with. Mainly because of what you’re putting at risk by doing so, which isn’t only your game data, but also any physical transactions you’ve made for content packages as well. Is it really worth putting all that on the line for the Gamertag: Napolean?

Source: Destiny 2 subreddit

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