PSN Is Down For Many Playstation 4 Users, Likely A DDOS Attack

Apparently PSN is down, but it’s not on the fault of Sony this time. Apparently the Playstation Network isn’t the only service that’s down, because it appears like a variety of other online services and websites such as Paypal, Twitter, the Starbucks reward program, and more, are all the victims of a DDOS attack.

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The reason that PSN is down is that the DDOS attack that took it down was aimed at a major DNS provider, the company Dyn, which apparently served a wide variety of websites and services, one of which was Playstation Network.

The attack has prevented every Playstation Network subscriber from doing anything, ranging from accessing their account management, to playing online, Playstation Store, and Playstation Music.

The attack on Playstation Network is also fairly well-timed (or poorly-timed if you were looking forward to playing something), considering that Battlefield 1, DICE’s latest offering in the Battlefield series, finally released today. With Playstation Network down, no one can play online, though this seems to just be limited to the Playstation Network, as even though PSN is down, EA has said that its other platforms are still working properly.

If you still want to play a game on your Playstation 4 while PSN is down, it’s recommended that you try and choose a game that doesn’t require you being online to play, or at least has an offline play option.

The culprits for an attack like this are the obvious suspects; likely a bunch of hackers in their parents’ basement with nothing better to do with their time rather than inconvenience everyone else by hacking into other websites and taking down massive websites across America.

Hopefully the effects of the attack will have been fixed by later tonight, so that gamers around the world can actually enjoy their weekend for the next two days.