PSN Down for Many Due to “External Factors”, Happy Weekend?

PSN has gone down tonight because of external factors. User are experiencing different issues which are being looked into.

If you are trying to play games on the PSN right now you’ll probably find that you are having major problems. Visiting the Playstation Service Status shows that “Gaming and Social” are experiencing issues:

“You may be experiencing issues related to launching certain games or game functionality. This is due to factors external to PSN. We are tracking the progress of the resolution of the issue.”

The choice of wording is interesting there, especially with the history of hacking attempts on the Sony network.  This may be just a technical issue, or be a denial of service attack and be fixed in a short period of time but factors “external to PSN” definitely will raise a few eyebrows.

The Internet is a big place where things can go wrong and cause loss of connection, but companies as big as Sony normally have contingency plans that protect their servers from going down.

An attack that has taken down gaming and social elements of the network shows that an attack could have been made aimed at bringing down the system.

This may start users worrying, especially when it comes to the data that Sony hold on its users, especially credit card details. With problems around this in the past you would hope though that extra security has been placed around these areas for a future attack.

Is this just a down server that has caused the PSN to go down? I’m sure we’ll be told soon enough, especially when everything is back up. I’m sure that gamers are eager to get back to their gaming, and Sony are looking forward to making more money from them so it’ll probably be up again very soon indeed.


Have you been affected by this server issue? Let us know below.

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