How Secure is Your PSN Account? This PSN User’s Story Will Give You Nightmares

We are all gamers and we love to play online on our favourite choice of platform, let it be PSN, Xbox Live or Steam. It seems all nice until you can get attacked by a hacker who can have access to all of your personal information despite these services coming from big giants like Sony and Microsoft.

A recent complaint from a user has been found who’s been struggling with his PSN account as someone is continuously trying to take away his account and what’s surprising is that Sony doesn’t know how to stop this which is a nightmare for him and can be for any PlayStation owner in the future.

A user who goes by the name of “Almighty” on ResetEra has shared his incident by revealing how someone is using social engineering to take over his account and you can read his full version of the story which will scare you. But in short, he’s continuously trying to take his account back and Sony seems to just reset it for him and the problem repeats again.

Though he’s lucky that it’s not linked to something valuable or doesn’t have games like God Of War or Spiderman purchased. Almighty says:

The account isn’t tied to anything particularly valuable so I assume the person just wants the name, which isn’t even that good of a username, and at this point, it seems me and him will be having a tug of war over this account until one of us gets locked out. Right now it seems it could be either of us. I have no faith that Sony will fix this problem and I am pretty much just fighting over the account as a **** you.

Now that’s disappointing. It’s really a nightmare and it has happened to me once too but Sony should really take an action against these hackers to overcome issues like this and stop being an easy target by people who are trying to steal personal info as we pay for their services like PlayStation Plus and more.

Now keeping this aside, it has been heard that Sony is planning to bring big changes to PSN for PS5 and maybe that’s when we will finally be set free from these hackers and get rid of PSN being down without any notices.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone tried to take over your PSN account? Let us know in the comments below.


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