Upcoming PS5 And Xbox Scarlet Might Not Deliver 4K 60 FPS In All Games

Keeping in mind that the current generation consoles are able to deliver 4K in certain games and in selected games the Xbox One X is able to deliver 4K 60 FPS, you would imagine that the upcoming generation of console will be able to perform even better.  Stefano Pinna, founder and CEO of Forge Studios says that the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlet might not be able to deliver that level of performance.

According to Pinna, it will be up to the developer to decide whether or not it wants the game to run at the higher resolution and frame rate on the upcoming consoles. The developers will decide how they are going to use the power that is at their disposal and while some might want to take the 4K 60 FPS route, there will be those that won’t. The following is what Pinna had to say in this regard:

I think each developer is still going to decide where he wants to put the new power available. You can steer that in higher resolution and fluidity or you can put insane amount of visual fidelity on screen and render it at lower resolution or a bit less fluid… let’s say that a current-gen game, visually astonishing as a Naughty Dog game can be, would probably run 4K/60 FPS with new amazing tech features added… if you want more visual fidelity than that, we are going to lose either FPS or resolution.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlet are going to be a major upgrade over the current generation consoles and even though we have heard that the PS5 will not be coming out before 2021, there are new reports that claim that Sony is working on a surprise launch and could deliver the upcoming PS5 to the people before the end of 2019. That would be very interesting indeed.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlet and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these consoles.

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