PS5 Has A Security Feature Against Unsupported NVMe SSDs

PlayStation 5 allows players to install an additional NVMe solid-state drive to expand their internal storage options, or at least players will be able to do so once Sony Interactive Entertainment unlocks the feature in the coming months.

According to testing conducted by Digital Foundry earlier today, players can still install an NVMe SSD right now but which they should refrain from doing. The reason being that Sony has apparently designed its new console to detect unsupported hardware. Hence, installing an NVMe SSD right now will force PS5 to skip its booting process altogether.

PS5 was launched with a slot for players to insert an additional SSD storage device but which has since then remained blocked. It also needs to be noted that Sony will only be allowing supported NVMe SSD options which will be based off the same custom design of the existing internal lightning-fast SSD technology of the new PlayStation console.

The new storage expansion options will hence not only be on par in terms of speed but will also be pretty expensive. Sony has for the time being refrained from quoting a price point or which hardware manufacturers will be licensed to create and sell supported expansion drives. The only thing to take away right now being that they will be expensive.

Having enough storage has always been a concern for console owners, but PlayStation 5 takes that concern to new levels. The PS5 successor offers only 667 GB of storage space by default to install games. The new Call of Duty, for example, can take nearly 500 GB if players are interested in installing both recent installments—Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War—and Warzone.

For the time being, or even after Sony unlocks access to the NVMe SSD slot, players can make do with an external hard drive to increase their storage capacity.

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