PS5 UK Sales Now More Than Wii U, Vita, Dreamcast

PlayStation 5 continues to face supply constraints in the United Kingdom but has still managed to put up another sales milestone.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, GamesIndustry head Christopher Dring revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been able to shift enough PS5 consoles in the United Kingdom to outsell the lifetime numbers of PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and Sega Dreamcast.

While no breakdown was shared, the said PS5 sales milestone arrives in about five months of launch and that too with scalpers making life miserable for consumers. The situation has fairly improved since launch but finding an available PlayStation 5 console in the country is still subject to a bit of luck. It hence begs the question of just how well sales would have been if Sony was not dealing with the pandemic and scalpers on the sides.

PS5 was launched during the holiday season and was selling out within minutes of appearing online. The massive demand was the same across the globe and retailers, including Sony, had no choice but to start figuring out their next stock replenishment on a regular basis.

Scalpers played a large role here by using nefarious means to pre-order all available stocks across the United Kingdom before selling each PS5 unit for double or triple the amount of the official price tag.

Thankfully, the problem of scalpers has subsided but by just a bit. Sony has been rolling out more PS5 units than before but demand still exceeds supply. Sony expects the situation to balance out closer to the coming holiday season at the end of the year.

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