PS5 System Update 21.01-03.10.00 is Now Live, Almost 1GB in Size

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment released the first major system update for the PlayStation 5. The update brought new storage options and some welcome social features.

Now, a new PS5 system update has been released for Sony’s latest console. System Update 21.01-03.10.00 is now live for PS5 and you can download it right now.

And if you are wondering what is the size of this update and whether you need to plan beforehand or not, the new PS5 update is only 902MB. As for the question that what does it do? Well, it does the usual task of improving the system performance and stability.

Stability updates for the consoles aren’t a new thing. We have seen this for the entire console cycles since the early days of PlayStation.

These smaller updates after the major updates are also a common practice. Basically, the engineers try to fix (even though they are not noticeable) things behind the scenes so that the overall system stays stable.

Although there was a lot of hype associated with PS5, the production issues have left a lot of players with a console since its launch. People are desperate to get their hands on one as soon as possible but due to current pandemic situation, the supply has been quite limited. Scalpers have made things worse.

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment also came across the notorious CMOS issue which could render PS5 unable to play digital games if the batteries associated with CMOS are dead. Sony apparently told users that they will be fixing it as soon as possible.

PS5 System Update 21.01-03.10.00 may have solution for this in the background. However, we can’t be sure. Hopefully, the new update will be a smooth installation for the users and PS5 owners won’t encounter any other issues.

Contributor at SegmentNext.