According to Famitsu Survey, 67% Are Already Sold on PlayStation 5

A PS5 survey held by Famistu reveals that Japanese readers of the magazine are already interested in buying the console before its official presentation. The survey focused on asking the readers about the features they want to see in PlayStation 5 and if they will buy Sony’s next-gen console or not. The Japanese magazine has now published the results, which we will be discussing below.

First, a total of 1,416 people responded to the survey. 906 (64.7%) of these respondents said that they will buy Sony’s next-generation console or PS5. Meanwhile, 451 (32.2%) of these people have yet to decide. Only 44 (3.1%) clearly said that they will not purchase the console.

The survey also unveiled the preference of purchase method (disc, download, and stream) for games. According to the results, 72% of the respondents still prefer physical games. The remaining 391 voted for digital download method of games. This doesn’t surprise us due to the fact that Japanese gamers have always shown interest in physical games.

Finally, the results also show the features that the users will like to see in PlayStation 5. As expected, PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility was the most requested feature in the survey, leaving behind factors like PS5 price. Further, PlayStation 5 performance comes at third place as the respondents made it clear that they want faster loading speeds.

Below is a complete list of features that Famitsu readers expect to see in PlayStation 5 or Sony’s next-generation console.

  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Graphics
  • Loading speed
  • Price
  • Game variety
  • Sound
  • Online services
  • VR
  • Streaming
  • Other

Those who voted for PlayStation 5 backwards Compatibility are in luck as Sony has already confirmed this feature. Sony Interactive Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan recently said that the company expects backward compatibility feature to be a “really critical success factor” for its next-gen console and it’s “incredibly important.”

Further, the PlayStation heads indicated that they are working on a cross-gen play feature, meaning that PS4 players will be able to play with PS5 players.

As for PS5 performance, it’s way ahead of PS4 Pro due to the specs inside including a custom AMD chip based on 3rd gen Ryzen line and a 7nm 8-core CPU.

Sony showcased the power of PS5 in footage shown during 2019’s Corporate Strategy Meeting. The footage showed that PS5 can load areas of Manhattan from Spiderman game in just .83 seconds, compared to 8.10 seconds on PS4 Pro.

PlayStation 5 announcement is expected to take place at PSX 2019 since Sony is skipping E3 this year.

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