PS5 Rest Mode Features Explained

The new and revamped PS5 brings with it a lot of new changes and updated user interfaces and designs. The menu and power options have shifted, now in the power options we have the improved standby mode, or the PS5 Rest Mode. And down below are all the features that come with this new mode.

PS5 Rest Mode

Basically, the reset mode still uses power but at a reduced state, we can also categorize this as a sort of half-sleep/hibernation mode.

By default a Playstation 5 always powers down to Rest Mode when the physical power button is pressed, which can be changed in the settings.

The Benefits of Reset Mode

Keep charging your controllers
Even in this semi-on mode, USB ports still have power, hence if you leave any devices plugged in, for example your controllers they will keep charging until you come back.

As with many other features, this system also has further customizability options, in the System and Power Saving section of the PS5 settings menu.

How long the USB ports remain powered after the PS5 turns off can also be changed or edited, which by default is three hours.

Keeping Games in a Suspended State
Although not as effective as an Xbox quick resume feature, the PlayStation 5 when in Reset mode can keep your game state suspended.

Meaning that at minimal power consumption you can leave your PlayStation and game running and when you come back jump right into the action, if you run that same game.

Unlocking Remote Play & Control features
This is a handy way to access and control your PS5 remotely.

In rest mode, even at minimal power you can use your controller or PS app on your phone to set the PS5 to download and install games from afar.

Also, you can play your games on other supported devices through remote play.

To enable these features you will need to see the settings related to turning on PS5 over the network in the System. Which can be found in Power Saving and Rest Mode sections of the settings.

Keeping Games and Saves Up to Date
PS5 will still be connected to the internet in standby mode and will keep your recent games up-to-date.

In standby mode, the console will also backup and store their save games as well to the cloud if you have a Play Station Plus membership.

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