PS5 Pro Rumors Fly As Sony Seeks To Push “PlayStation GPU Tech”

Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to have begun refreshing its standard PlayStation 5 console with a new (and more powerful) PS5 Pro model upgrade.

According to a new job listing (via TweakTown) from earlier today, Sony seeks a senior software engineer for its advanced technology group to work on “the core of PlayStation GPU technology” and help push “the rendering and ray tracing libraries, GPU tools, shader compiler, and the architecture of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles” to new heights.

Take note that the job listing makes no mention of the rumored PS5 Pro model but its description of redefining existing PlayStation graphical and rendering technology for high-end performance does fuel speculations.

Last month, a new PS5 Pro model was reported to be launching in either 2023 or 2024 as a premium option for premium PlayStation players. The upgrade was said to be targeting higher frame rates at 4K resolution with a newfound focus on supporting 8K gaming as well.

The Pro refresh was also said to be pretty expensive, and players have been asked to expect a retail tag around $600 or $700 at launch, making it nearly double the price of the current disc-based PS5 console.

While rumors come and go, the existence of a PS5 Pro console should not come as a surprise. Sony will eventually be announcing that upgrade down the road. Remember that PS4 received a Pro model three years into its console generation. The next Pro launch should hence be around late 2023 by that count.


That being said, reports about Sony jumping in for 8K gaming should not be taken as guaranteed. The current adoption rate of 8K displays is extremely low, mostly owing to how expensive they are. There is also little reason to purchase one since it is hard to find native 8K content.

4K has just started trending as a sweet spot. Hence, Sony is more likely to push performance metrics for 4K with PS5 Pro instead of making the whole refresh about 8K gaming entirely.

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