PS5 Pro Might Launch in 2023 For $600, Should Target 8K Gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment will eventually refresh its current-generation lineup with a new PlayStation 5 Pro model but which might retail at a steep price.

According to hardware leaker and YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead earlier today, Sony should be launching a new PS5 Pro model in either 2023 or 2024 at the latest. The refresh will be particularly designed for the premium console player-base by targeting higher frame rates at 4K and perhaps even 8K resolutions.

Achieving those performance metrics however will come at a cost as a PS5 Pro might retail at $600 or $700 at launch, making it nearly double the price of the current disc-based PlayStation 5 console.

“I am now 100% sure of the PlayStation 5 coming out by the end of 2023 — but for sure, by the end of 2024,” said Tom (via TweakTown).

“Most people think they should double the CU count to 72 CUs, take some newer RDNA IP from later architectures (like RDNA 3 for example) that will be around, while they’re designing this Pro console, and add Zen 4, up clock speeds, maybe get it up to 300W and release a $600 or $700 console in 2023.”

Sony will be launching a PS5 Pro in the coming years. That remains a fact. PS4 received a Pro model three years into its console generation. The next Pro launch should hence be around late 2023 by that count.

It is also obvious to note that Sony will be packing a PS5 Pro with more powerful hardware and with higher clock speeds to boost performance. However, expecting the console to support 8K gaming would perhaps be pushing it.

The current adoption rate of 8K displays is extremely low, mostly owing to how expensive they are. There is also little reason to purchase one since it is hard to find native 8K content. 4K remains trending for now and while 8K might pick up in the coming three years, Sony banking on that to push a PS5 Pro seems unlikely.

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