PS5 Price Coming Tomorrow, Suggests Retailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been claimed to be announcing the pricing details of PlayStation 5 tomorrow, meaning that pre-orders should go live within the week if the said claims about PS5 are indeed legitimate.

Earlier today, an official Twitter account of United Kingdom retailer GAME asked customers to “standby for updates” as “things are about to kick off this week.” The retailer reiterated (via Reddit) that a scheduled PS5 announcement for tomorrow was “true” and “those awaiting pre-orders and have registered their interest” will be notified soon. The tweets were though deleted soon after.

It is important to note that Sony announced a series of PlayStation VR announcements for the next few days just last night, while ascertaining that there would be “no PS5-related news” during the PS VR spotlight. The statement alone makes it unlikely that Sony would break character to reveal PS5 pricing details, but perhaps Microsoft forced Sony to change plans.

Following a leak earlier today, Microsoft had no choice but to officially announce Xbox Series S as well as confirm pricing details. Xbox Series S will cost $300 while Xbox Series X will cost $500. The pricing sits comfortably with what analysts were predicting months ago. Seeing how Microsoft has struck first blood, all eyes are now naturally on Sony to price the PS5 in response.

Like Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, there will be two PlayStation 5 models at launch. The standard PS5 and an all-digital, cheaper console titularly called PS5 digital. However, compared to Xbox Series S, the PS5 digital sacrifices no other hardware or features except the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. Hence, it is being assumed that the price difference from Sony will not be that large as what has been announced by Microsoft.

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