New PS5 Model Surfaces With Revised Wireless Module

Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to be working on a new PlayStation 5 model which could possibly launch somewhere in 2022.

According to an internal document uploaded earlier today, Sony has registered a new PS5 model CFI-1115A which uses a new wireless communication module M20DAL1. The current console model will be hence replacing its J20H100 wireless module once the new hardware revision launches for potential improved antenna gain.

It however would be too soon to confirm an internal redesign. Sony was reported earlier in the month to be starting production on a new PS5 model with revised hardware in 2022, which was rumored to be featuring a new semi-custom 6nm AMD processor. The new AMD CPU is said to be entering production somewhere between the second and third quarter of 2022, and will be cheaper than the current CPU of the console.

PlayStation 5 was launched last November and continues to face supply shortages worldwide. Sony has been consideration options to meet the substantially high demand. The console manufacturer has for example started increasing production but as the situation stands, finding an available PS5 console will still be a bit difficult in the coming holiday season.

Despite supply constraints, Sony has shipped slightly more PS5 units (7.8 million) than PS4 (7.6 million) during the same launch period. Sony has also reportedly been outselling Microsoft by two-to-one for the first calendar quarter of 2021.

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