PS5 Jailbreak 4.03 is Out in the Wild

Sony's PS5 has been jailbroken thanks to a webkit-based exploit. The exploit for the time being is quite unstable and we expect improvement with time.

After a long wait, it seems like hackers have finally found a way to Jailbreak the PS5. While there are some caveats to the first PS5 jailbreak, it took hackers almost 2 years to release a PS5 kernal exploit, despite being unstable works.

As I mentioned before, it’s Kernal exploit just like the PlayStation 4 and will work in the similar way how PS4 exploits have been working. The exploit, as expected will only work with 4.03 firmware of PS5. Lower versions could work with it but not much testing has been done so far for them.

It’s a web-kit based exploit and will need the server to be hosted on your PC to make it work. For now, exploit only gives read/write privileges and enable debug settings so for mass audience, the exploit still has a long way to go. It’s still a great breakthrough though and PlayStation jailbreak community will be quite happy with it. At the time of writing, the exploit is available via Github thanks to famous modden Specter. You can check out his twitter handle for further details. Naturally, Youtube also has some videos on Jaiblbreak already so you can check those as well.

Now if you are new to Jailbreak scene and are wondering that what benefits a jailbreak can provide to your PS5, there are many useful things you can do with it. The most important one is that you can install apps and programs on your PS5 which are not possible on a regular PS5. You can also copy your games from a PC directly to your PS5 among other things. Virtually, anything a jailbroken PS4 could do, PS5 should be able to do the same. People have been using their jailbroken PS4s to even play PS2 games as well so there are a lot of possibilities and benefits.

With the first exploit out in the wild, it’s just a matter of time that PS5 jailbreak becomes as common as the PS4 one is rite now.

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